Top 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds: According to Trainers

As dog lovers, we hold a deep appreciation for the quirks and behaviors of our furry companions. However, it’s worth noting that some dog breeds come with extra doses of mischief, curiosity, and energy, landing them on our list of the “naughtiest” breeds. In this post, we will unveil the top ten naughty dogs known for their mischievous tendencies, along with insights into why they behave the way they do.

These endearing, albeit naughty, breeds often carry a unique blend of intelligence, persistence, energy, and a fair bit of cheekiness. From cheeky Dachshunds to headstrong Shiba Inus, we will immerse you in their world, diving into the behavior patterns of these sassy but fantastic breeds of dogs and presenting strategies for dealing with their naughty tendencies. If you’re curious about which breeds might provide both a furry companion and an entertaining challenge, keep reading!

naughtiest dog breeds 1
the Daschund! A true handful if we’re being honest, despite their itsy bitsy size, and adorable face!

Top 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

1 – Daschunds

Often described as persistent and stubborn, the miniature size of Daschunds belies their charming and high-spirited nature. Bred originally for hunting, they will often chase small animals, dig tenaciously, and be surprisingly fierce. It is their resolute nature that can sometimes veer into mischievous territory. While they are fiercely loyal and clever, without consistent training, they might start showing defiant behavior.

2 – Siberian Husky

Distinguished by their striking wolf-like appearance and mischievous character, Siberian Huskies are one of the most iconic breeds associated with mischief. Their exuberance can sometimes overflow into naughty behavior. These dogs are renowned for escaping from enclosures, taking themselves on walks, and finding ingenious ways to get what they desire. Training your husky requires patience, positive reinforcement, and plenty of exercises to keep its restless spirit satisfied.

3 – Beagle

Beagles, the standard size hound family member in the u.s. states, with their excellent tracking abilities and hound dog background, can be stubborn and overly focused on following scents. Once on a trail, they are liable to pay little attention to anything else, including owner’s commands. They also love their food and have no qualms about exploring kitchen countertops and trash bins to find some. With their friendly and gentle nature, proper training can help them add much joy to your life.

naughtiest dog breeds 2
The coonhound! A wonderful dog, but gosh they’re hard work – and I say that from experience!

4 – Scenthounds

In addition to beagles (who need their own category), Scenthounds like the Bloodhound, Basset Hound, and Coonhound are deeply driven by their exceptional olfactory senses. Getting on a promising scent trail may mean them steering off-course and causing all sorts of merry chaos. They can be pretty determined, and once locked onto a trail, they might even ignore attempts to recall them! They are definitely the worst-behaved canine population – no matter the ages dogs are. They are, however, very intelligent dogs, they’ve just never been bred to work alongside humans and find us all that valuable, which does mean when they’re left home alone in a kitchen full of goodies? Those powefful noses add into a great mischievous mind and what you get is a hard dog to keep and train.

5 – Shiba Inu

These really trendy dogs are definitely known as some of the cutest dog s out there anyway, and whilst their antics can be a little fun to watch on Tiktok, but living with them is a whole new world. The Shiba Inu’s independence and stubborn streak, combined with their cunning and agility, often translate into headstrong behavior and potential stubbornness. These fox-like dogs are famously known as bold escape artists, often catching their owners off guard. With a spirited personality, these dogs need firm training from an early age and an understanding of their character to grow into well-behaved pets.

naughtiest dog breeds 3
loveable smooshy faced monster – aka the french bulldog!

6 – French Bulldog

French Bulldogs, or Frenchies as they are affectionately known, have hearty appetites for fun. They have an excess of energy which, if not channelled correctly, could lead them to destructive behavior. Bored Frenchies are known to chew on anything within reach, from shoes to furniture. However, with their adorable faces and loving personalities, these dogs are still widely loved and make popular pets. 

7 – Jack Russell Terriers

The Jack Russell Terrier is a dynamic, intelligent breed with a knack for getting into trouble. They have a reputation for destructive chewing and will need plenty of early socialization and training. Despite their small size, they need lots of exercises to burn off energy and stay out of mischief.

naughtiest dog breeds 4
these fiesty little things arent as froo-froo as they look! They have some serious drive and sometimes we forget that.

8 – Yorkshire Terriers

Don’t let the delicate appearance of the yorkshire terrier fool you—they may be small, but they come with a huge personality! They are known for their terrier traits—bossy, stubborn, and often tend towards excessive barking. With dedicated training and plenty of understanding about these dogs, these mischievous and sassy dogs can make wonderful and entertaining companions.

9 – Bull Terriers

A Bull Terrier, whilst a gorgeous, medium sized dog, can be playfully naughty and have the potential to cause quite a bit of destruction if not trained well – particularly as young dogs. They are fun loving, goofy dogs and not necessarily a “Bad dog”, but they can absolutely be problematic if their dog owner doesn’t necessarily understand the dog. These dogs are known for their powerful jaws and need appropriate chew toys to avoid destroying household items. With their natural athletic ability and muscle strength, they can be quite energetic, meaning they need plenty of exercise – or they can definitely be one of the naughtiest dogs you know.

naughtiest dog breeds 5
goofballs, yes, but unfortunately a lot of poor breeding practices and high demand has contributed to some less than desirable behaviors…

10 – Doodles

Doodles get a bad rap, in my opinion (yes, even the labrador retriever and golden retriever cross doodles…) because they have a lot of intelligence, and a lot of drive, and if sufficient energy and time is not given to your doodle, they can become problematic! Doodles come in a wide range of size and breed combinations, all of which share one parent – a poodle. Doodles are known for their intelligence and energy. Bored Doodles can be destructive, and without adequate mental stimulation, they might resort to digging or chewing. They are known for sassy, boisterous behavior, but with the right training, they can make great family pets.

Other Notable Breeds

Bichon Frise – Barky, intelligent and easily frustrated, these gorgeous little things deserve that honourable mention

Rhodesian ridgeback – They’re great, loyal dogs, but sometimes they really know what they want and it’s often not what you want!

Vizsla (incl. wirehaired vizsla) – these bird dogs are also velcro dogs – but they are seriously intense dogs, which means they sometimes have total goofy moments!
Miniature Pinscher – These guys are sassy, barky and very highly prey driven, making them one of the mischievous dog breeds.

Border Terrier – another high drive, tenacious little thing that often gets underestimated in their determination, which often ranks them in the naughtiest breeds of dog. 

What Do We Mean By Naughty?

When we speak about a “naughty” dog, we typically refer to a dog that behaves in ways perceived as bad or improper – which usually gets distinguished by the fact that these dogs aren’t “Natural people pleasers” like german shepherds, or smart, work-aholics like the border collie.

For instance, this might encompass dogs that exhibit constant barking, dogs that routinely ignore cues or commands, or those that learn to open doors or find ways out of the house. 

Often, these behaviors can be a symptom of boredom, too much energy, poor management, or even a side effect of their unique abilities and personalities, such as highly energetic breeds or breeds with an inquisitive nature.

In many instances, the term “naughty” is not necessarily indicative of a problematic or ill-behaved dog, but it might designate breeds that require more patience, consistent training, or intellectual stimulation to channel their behavior in a positive direction. Like humans, each dog is unique and may behave “naughty” under certain circumstances or without the proper guidance.

Do remember that while a dog’s natural behavior can contribute to what we might term as “naughty,” owners play a significant role in guiding a dog’s behavior as well. Behavior often depends on multiple factors, such as the individual dog’s personality, the level of training provided, socialization, and the environment in which it lives.

In conclusion, a “naughty” dog exhibits behaviors that may not align with expected or desired pet behaviors. It’s vital to appreciate that these dogs are not “bad,” but they need appropriate training, mental stimulation, and outlets for their energy to minimize behaviors perceived as “naughty.”

Remember; your dog isn’t doing the naughty thing to do the naughty thing, they’re doing it because it’s what they know, it’s what’s most rewarding at the time and you let them do it!

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What Should You Do About Your Naughty Dog?

The good news is that just because your dog isn’t necessarily a “good dog” at this stage doesn’t make you a bad owner, nor does it make them a bad dog! Because all dogs can be taught.Here are five tips to help manage and possibly transform a “naughty” dog’s behavior:

  1. Invest in Training: Training your dog from a young age will always help in a dog’s ability to stay out of the naughty pups’ list. Offering treats or valuable items can help teach your dog what you want to see more of, what you like and give them the understanding that what they’re doing isn’t necessarily what you want them to do! 
  2. Strike A Balance: Naughty behavior can be a sign of pent-up energy, physical or mental, and it can also be as a consequence of lots of exercise (yes, there is a such thing!) and not enough sleep. Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercises, like regular walks, games of fetch, or agility training, which are all great outlets for their energy.
  3. Rule out Medical Issues: Sometimes, a sudden change in behavior can be due to underlying health issues. If you notice a sharp shift in your dog’s behavior, it’s wise to consult with your vet.
  4. Understand Your Dog’s Breeds and Traits: Knowing your dog’s breed and associated traits can give you insight into why they might behave a certain way. Each breed has unique characteristics, and acknowledging these can help you provide an environment catering to their specific needs.

Remember, patience and understanding are vital when dealing with a “naughty” dog. With the right approach, naughty behavior can often be channelled into more positive actions.

Naughty but Nice

All dogs have the ability to be naughty! From the English Springer Spaniel to the Portuguese water dog – good girls and good boys are not born, they’re trained.

Naughty behaviors in dogs are often a sign of high intelligence, a curious nature, or high energy levels – traits that aren’t inherently bad. The key to living harmoniously with ‘naughty’ breeds involves understanding their characteristics and channeling their qualities in a positive direction. It will take time, patience, consistency, and lots of love, but it’s entirely possible to turn your mischievous pup into your best furry friend.

So remember, when they’re naughty, smile, and assess what your dog needs in that instance.

And if you need more assistance with that, that’s when you need to involve a trainer

Author, Ali Smith

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Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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