CryptoVPN an PokemonGo

Play anywhere in the world you want.
  •  Mobile clients such as android and iphone.
  •  Windows and mac support.
  •  Use Bluestacks an play in any country with our service.
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Check videos description for the full scripted version of how to download.

How To Play PokemonGo on Your Computer


  • There's a chance of being banned if you travel more then 10 miles in a short amount of time.

  • Do not travel more then 10 miles at a time there is a chance of getting banned for at most 1 hour.

  • So as long as user stay in a location for a while logout come back a few hours later in a different location
    that can be traveled by a plane or any other form of transportation in that time no bans should occur.

  • An if a ban should occur, as of now its only one hour temp ban on the account you where playing on.

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